There is one way scenic route of 180km.
The total elevation of the bike part is more than 3500m.
The whole course is up&down – zigzag and narrow roads
It goes with full public traffic.

There is one way scenic route of 180km going through the Czech Switzerland National Park finishing in reservation of Lusatian Mountains at the golf resort Malevil.
From the T1 the course follow the deep river Labe canyon lined by dramatic vertical cliffs
to the lowest Czech Republic point town Hřensko.
From here it goes right to the heart of the Czech Switzerland National Park.
You bypass a famous rock formation with highest rock arch in the Europe „Pravčická gate“ literally by 300m as crow flies.
The road is narrow and it goes zigzag and up and down.
The first 30km is NO support zone with limited parking (possible to park only on 14 and 23km).
There is also a second NO support zone between 70 and 76 km with NO parking at all.
Both of the No support zones are in National park for your safety and fluent traffic.
You`ll actually follow the National Park for quite a long time up to the North part of the Czech Republic where you turn down again to the romantic Lusatian Mountains.
From this final part of the bike leg you will notice the iconic peak Jested where the finish of the Winterman is.
The total elevation of the bike part is more than 3500m.
The whole bike course is up&down and zigzag with the full public traffic and many railway crossings.
There is reasonably good tarmac surface on the whole course however some parts – especially between 155 and 165km are very badly broken.
The bike course goes by full public traffic.


Děčín Smetanovo Nábřeží ( T 1) – následující obce: Hřensko, Jetřichovice, Růžová, Janov, Arnoltice, Bynovec, Jánská, Česká Kamenice, Studený, Doubice, Kyjov, Brtníky, Mikulášovice, Dolní Poustevna, Lobendava, Lipová, Šluknov, Rumburk, Staré Křečany, Krásná Lípa, Chřibská, Česká Kamenice, Kytlice, Horní Světlá, Heřmanice v Podještědí – Resort Malevil ( T2 )

MAP detail (exit from Děčín ):

T1 Smetanovo Nábřeží – roundabout, direction na Hřensko.

MAP detail  0-72km:

T1 – Děčín, Hřensko, Mezní Louka, Vysoká Lípa, Jetřichovice, Všemily, Srbská Kamenice, Růžová, Janov, Arnoltice, Bynovec, Kámen, Srbská Kamenice, Jánská, Česká Kamenice, Kunratice, Lipnice, Studený, Dolní Chřibská – 72km

MAP detail 68-94km:

68km Studený, Dolní Chřibská, Doubice, Krásný Buk, Zahrady, Brtníky, Mikulášovice 94km

MAP detail 87-128km:

87Km Brtníky, Mikulášovice, Vilémov, Dolní Poustevna, Horní Poustevna, Lobendava, Lipová, Velký Šenov, Šluknov, Rumburk, Staré Křečany

MAP detail 124 – 125km:


MAP detail 128 – 142km:

Zahrady, Krásný Buk

MAP detail 138 – 180km:

138Km Rybniště, Chřibská, Česká Kamenice – 152Km, Mlýny, Kytlice, Nová Huť, Horní Světlá, Dolní Světlá, Mařenice,


MAP detail 152km and 166km:


MAP detail (Resort Malevil T2): 

Signs and orientation during the race:

  • The course is primary signed by an arrow with WM placed on vertical road signs – direction indicator
  • Every important and radical change of direction is signed with an arrow with WM / vertical road signs – direction indicator
  • Every turn off the main road is signed before the junction with an arrow with WM / vertical road signs – direction indicator
  • Every turn off the main road is signed behind the junction with a straight arrow with WM / vertical road signs – direction indicator
  • The route is signed along all its length with arrows with WM
  •  Arrow is placed on a “High road” road sign
  •   Arrow is always placed on a “Stop” road sign
  •   Arrow is always placed on a vertical road signs „direction indicator left, right or straight
  •   Arrow is always placed on a road sign at the „beginning or end of a municipality“ /name of village or city/
  •   Arrow is always placed on the places with difficult orientation
  •   Arrow is placed on a long stretches without any turns
  • Several very unclear junctions are marked with a red cross over the WM arrow on the wrong exit


  • You race in full traffic and you are a road user
  • It is absolutely necessary to obey traffic rules
  • Athlete is not excluded from traffic rules and does not take precedence over the others
  • Support is not allowed to stop other cars to help a ride of their athlete
  • Support car must park by all four wheels off the road or off the white side line only!
    Violence of this rule will cause the 10minutes penalty.
    Duplicated violence of this rule will cause immediate disqualification
  • It is prohibited to get over railway crossing if there is a red light on or you hear an audio alert, you must stop your car and wait until the train passes
  • Those are the conditions of the race. If anyone – athletes or support teams – violates this regulation, he/she will be immediately disqualified