1. Check all safety issues before entering transition t1: red flashing light arm band , reflexive vest,helmet, front and rear lights on bike, waist belt for gps and start. Number
  2. Pick up triathlete´s stuff from the boat before he/she exits the water. If you are good support, have a thermo with hot water and a „plastic wash basin“ ready in the transition t1
  3. Wait by the swim exit to help your triathlete
  4. In t1, be ready to put the gps to the triathlon waist belt
  5. When leaving the parking lot in t1 be extremely careful of other tiathletes leaving the transition t1 on bikes.
  6. Be aware of the fact that first possible support stop is possible at 14km, second one at 23km and the „no support zone“ ends in Jetrichovice at 30km. Next „no support zone“ is from 70km – 81km.
  7. Generally it is good to give support to a triathlete when he/she bikes uphill not downhill
  8. It is your responsibility to take care of your triathlete´s bike in transition t2 / possibility of storage at Malevil till next day 11:00 /
  9. 5 pm, turn on the head lamp and the red flashing light arm band, and if you accompany him/her by bike or on foot, the same is valid for you.
  10. At the 42km, from the parking lot, be ready for the last kilometre in extremely challenging terrain with a demanding ascent and descent to the finish.