WINTERMAN is more than Xtreme Triathlon…

It’s an extraordinary journey with people who you love the most, who will give you all the necessary support and who will share the view of the beatiful Czech landscape of inaccessible forests, deep valleys and rock sandstone cliffs in order to finish on the top of the iconic Czech peak Jested (1012m).
All the prize money will be donated to the CHILDERN’S HEART CENTRE IN PRAGUE MOTOL HOSPITAL.

Winterman is not only an iron distance xtreme triathlon…

but also an extraordinary journey with people who you love the most,
who will give you the necessary support,
who will share all your pain, suffer and victory with you.

There is a story behind the Winterman which give us strenghts and beliefs…


My name is Vladimir,
I am 53years old and I am the founder of the company that organizes team events and corporate adventures. I love triathlon, rock climbing and kiting.
Few years ago I got a birthday present from my wife a successful Ironman finisher – a slot for Norseman the one of the most extreme triathlon in the World.
I knew it will be big challenge for me.
The fact that I finished the Norseman, was mainly given by my support team – my pregnant wife,
who encouraged me and shared every second of the race with me.
I have never felt anything so physically and mentally demanding, and yet so addictive, before.
The race was extremely hard and tough – at least I thought….

3 months later our daughter was born.
She was born with an inborn heart deffect.
After 9 months she went through 7-hours surgery when her heart was „out of order…“
She kept fighting and after almost 5 months beeing in the hospital she recovered very well.

All of this time was the toughest time I’ve ever experienced and I’ve often remebered the suffer and pain from the Xtreme triathlon.
It helped me to get over the never ending days and nights.

Now everything is better.
That’s the reason why we want to create this unique triathlon event
in order to bring the families and friends closer and give them someting special,
someting which will last forever in all the Hearts of the Wintermen.

And that’s the reason why the winner will donate all of the prize money to

Will you join the family of the Winterman?