Total race distance 226km
Total race elevation over 4500m

Due to the extreme danger of hitting a buoy in the swimming part of the WINTERMAN Czech Xtreme Triathlon, it is not possible for a blind athlete with an escort to participate in the race. It is an absolute and impassable condition due to the enormous risk of the contact leash between the escort and the blind athlete being caught and wound on the buoy chain in the strong current of the river. Therefore, without exception, we will not allow blind athletes to participate in the race.
We ask those of you who are considering participating in the Xtri – Series to take this into account, we will not allow you to start – we are sorry, but these are our conditions.

Registration & check-in – Resort Malevil
Reg. & check in 11.10. 2024  17:00 – 18:00
Registration & check-in – City Library Decin
Reg. & check in 12.10.2024 od 10:00 – 14:00

Mandatory Race Briefing – City Library hall Decin – 12.10.2024  from 17:00 in English! and 16:00 in Czech

Support team obligatory
Full public transport on the bike course

13. 10. 2024 the RACE DAY

T1 water front Decin
03:00 bike check-in
04:45 bus departure
05:30 swim start – jump from the platform into a strong river current
9km (equivalent of 3,8 km) down river current swim
Extreme swim – darkness, cold water, strong current and 30 river buoys (big ones!)
180KM extremely technical bike course with 3300m of elevation
T2 – Resort MALEVIL
43km run with 1200m of elevation, the first 8 km is a mega super beautiful trail, the rest is on local no busy tarmac road, the last 1,5km is brutal trail.

The last 11 km of the run is an extreme climb! From 41 km there is a climb over the Mountains boulders, followed by a 700 m descent from the iconic peak Jested 1012m to the finish line.

The athletes and supports must run last 1km to the finish together

Day after race
08:00 – 12:30 Resort MALEVIL – FINISHER CEREMONY
Brunch, breakfast, photos, collection of „finisher“ t-shirts and WINTERMAN gift, thanks to sponsors and a ceremony including a financial donation to a family/families with children with a heart defect.









THE RACE IS HELD 13.10. 2024



WINTERMAN  XTREME TRIATHLON is the ultimate experience
It is a unique celebration of trust and relation between the athlete and his/her closest supports.
You will share every second of your race with your family, support partners, best friends…
and you can be sure that Witnerman will drag them into a real TRIATLON

Our gol was to create a real ultimate triathlon experience with pure basic elements of this sport with tight alliance of your closest ones.

We wanted to set up the race, which will be always associated with extreme human performance, pure idea and real friendship.

We founded this race because we survived thanks to the support and love we gave each other during the year-long fight for the life of our daughter, who was born to us with a serious heart defect.

That is the reason why we always will keep the small number of athletes on the starting list,
that is why we`ll always put the huge effort to create a home friendly atmosphere during the whole event,
that is why the emotions during this event are so high and last so long…
this is why WINTERMAN will always have a charitable overhang
this is the reason why we will support families who need help in similar situations.

Your support team is absolutely necessary for the race.
Beeing a support team is very demanding, tiring and responsible job….
But at the end ….. you will know everything about triatlon
you will understand why your athlete spends neverending hours of training elsewhere.

And after all…
during the WINTERMAN you’ll build much closer relationship with your athlete than ever before….


If you are planning to be a support team to the athlete, read very carrefuly the following section –  SUPPORT TEAM INFO


Winterman NATURE

Winterman literally cut through the fairytales landscape in the North-West boarder of the Czech Republic and German Saxony.
The biggest Central European river Labe creates a deep Sandstone valley and lot’s of imazing rock formations which pass on your bike than you slowly descend down to the romantic Lusatian mountains where from you`ll start to notice the iconic peak of Jested.

But Winterman starts on the swim.

Swim is brutal and you`ll not see many things.
It`s worthless to express the feelings from down stream swimming in icy cold water when passing the big river buoy…
Imagine swimming 2x faster than normal… This is only possible on Winterman. This is also the reason why you will meet almost all the starting athletes in T1.

Nevertheless the last 1km of the swim will open the view of two light up rock castles upon the final swim.
The exit it`s self is lighted up by open fire right on the edge of the water under the old bridge.
This picture together with two castles and old bridge above you will beat you down.

The first 10 km of bike are downhill and flat. And it’s also the last flat part you’ll encounter on the bike. You will bike directly through the heart of the National Park Czech Switzerland.
On the route of the Winterman course, you will bike approximately 200 m as the crow flies from the second largest known rock arch in the world.
This entire area gave birth to sport climbing industry more than 100 years ago.
If you would like to go to the rock climbing, contact us, it will be an immense honor for Vlad to take you through the rocks here, where he moved since he was 6 years old, where his extreme passion for sports was born.

After National park you`ll ride over the scenic Lussatian Mountains to the beautiful resort Malevil – T2. Anyway, the bike is an absolute sweetheart – even it’s mega technically difficult!
From T2 in resort Malevil you`ll run to the top of the iconic peak Jested (1012m).
The whole course is placed in the beautiful landscape and breathtaking natural scenery.
The atmosphere along the entire course and especially at the finish line cannot be expressed in words. Over 200 volunteers will support you on the Winterman route, you will pass many villages and many enthusiastic people who will show you the way and support you in your performance.

You and your supports will run through the heart of this unique nature, you will see fantastic views, lot’s of rocks, forests and hills.

The finish is absolutely stunning, the view from the top of the Jested will feed your emotions over the limit.

What is unique is the fact that you can comfortably park at the Winterman finish line, and as soon as you cross the finish line, you can enjoy the best beer in the world, have a great meal at the Ještědka hut, and then you can immediately load your athlete into the car and take him to bed.

We are proud to be part of such a friendly and wonderful community, a beautiful landscape and to show it all to the world.