Without the support there is NO WINTERMAN

Support team is absolutely necessary for the race. Being a support is very demanding, tiring and enormously responsible task.  So it is necessary for all support to read and study this part carefully to be sure that they understand and know everything. We can assure you, that if you go through Winterman Xtreme Triathlon Race as a support, you will know absolutely everything about triathlon and your relationship with your athlete  will be much closer than any time before… At the finish you will be as excited as your athlete, because during the race you will experience the same feelings as them!



1.Wearing Support Neon Yellow Winterman T-shirts and ID wristbands are obligatory for the Support during the race. Without these you are not allowed to enter T1, T2 and Brunch on the day after the race. Wear it as a top layer of your clothes, it is necessary for identification by your triathlete, organizers and public audience

2.Support car must be signed with a big Winterman “Support car” sticker – place it on the rear left part of the car

3.Small yellow “ support car“ sticker at the front windscreen to the passenger „right top side”

4.Support can enter T1 from 03:00 until 04:30 am. After this time, T1 will be closed until the triathlete exits the water. Supports must wait for their
triathletes at the water exit in the special support corridor

5.Support is the only person to help the triathlete in T1. He packs and care all triathlete’ s things after the swim. You will not return to this place again.

6.From T1 you will follow the bike track. Until the 30th km of bike is limited „NO SUPPORT“ area. There is only one allocated car park – 14th km at the end of Hřensko on the left side of the road. 14km – 30km is strictly  “NO SUPPORT“ zone due to National Park restricted area. The end of „NO SUPPORT“ area is on 30th km in Jetřichovice.

7.Another “NO SUPPORT“ zone is from 67 – 81km / 67km end of the steep climbing road  – Krásný Buk

8.The race runs in full traffic so it is absolutely necessary to obey traffic rules

9.Winterman support cars are not excluded from the traffic rules

10.Triathletes must obey traffic rules and respect other road users

11.Support is not allowed to stop other traffic in order to help his/her triathlete

12.The bike route is hilly with many curves. Navigation and correct direction is Support’s responsibility

13.For the triathletes comfort there will be WM organizers along the route. They have no right to stop the traffic, they are directory assistance only.

14.Every change of direction and important junction will be marked by WM sign with the arrow

15.You, as a support, will receive a detailed guide with maps and marked routes…

16.Most of the race course follows small local roads. There are many railway crossings and junctions on the route. The tarmac is mostly very good but there are parts which are rough and uneven. Always keep on your mind that you race in a full traffic!

17.You must be sure that you know the direction and that you are able to advise your triathlete where to go. Even the smallest mistake might cause many kilometres in wrong direction – it is your responsibility!

18.Under no circumstances you must not obstruct or block the traffic by parking your car incorrectly to provide support service.

19.You are allowed to park only on the spots where you stand with all four wheels off the road or off the white side line! Violence of this rule will cause the 10minutes penalty in T2 or in 32Km CHECK POINT. Repeated violence of this rule will mean immediate disqualification.

20.T2 support parking is allocated just few metres from T2 – TRANSITION. Support packs all the triathlete’ s belongings after the bike course. No leftovers stay here. In T2 it is the duty of the Support to take the bike with him/her. There is no possibility to leave a bike in T2.

21.Run course is much easier for orientation than the bike course. System of the signs is the same as during the bike course. You can follow your triathlete almost all along the run except of 4 parts where you cannot follow your triathlete by car.

22.There are several offroad / NO SUPPORT /sections at the beginning of the run, where your triathlete cannot be followed by a car. On the first 11km there are 4 offroad sections. The map shows recommended parking lots, where you can provide support to your triathlete. Triathletes run along forest and field paths. On the 8th kilometer they continue under the busy main road (opposite the MOL petrol station). MOL petrol station is under construction this year and will not be opened. Triathletes run under the main road and behind the viaduct run through the city of Jablonné v Podj. Another section where it is not possible to follow the triathlete by car is from approx. 9km to 11km. The section begins at the pond. Support cars continue to the road in the direction of Liberec to Lvová, then turn right to the castle of Lemberk.. Here you will again meet with your triathlete.

23.Triathletes will not get across any railway crossings  during the run course, but supports get across a few. If there is a red light on or you hear a sound alert, you must stop your car and wait until the sign for free pass again. This is a condition of the race. If anyone of the triathletes or support teams violates this regulation, he/she will be immediately disqualified.

24.Every triathlete and Support /if he/she follows the run course on foot/ is obliged to wear red flashing lights arm band on their right leg or hand and a headlamp during fog, darkness and twilight and after 5pm.

25.„Finish“ … NO TRAFFIC TO THE TOP OF JEŠTĚD!! Supporters must park at the finish line in the parking at the Ještedka cottage. From the finish line car park, Support must walk 300m back down the road, waiting for his/her triathlete. From this point,they must go through the last 1.2km long run together. This part is an extremely challenging terrain. leading to the summit with a final descent to the finish line. This part is compulsory to run with your triathlete. It’s a part with extremely challenging terrain, ending right at the car park where you left your car.In the finish hot soup and tea will be available for you and your triathlete. The  distance from Ještěd to T2 resort Malevil is a 35-minut drive.


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