Bellow you can find some useful tips for all TRI parts of triathlon. Those are just recommendations, that can help you to get ready for the race….


  • The transport to the START is by BUS. It takes about 15minuts. You can take personnel stuff like food, drinks, flip flops and a warm jacket with you. Everything you will not need during your swim, you can put into a bag with your number and your Support will pick it up in T1 before you finish the swim part
  • There are TOI TOI toilets on the START
  • Remember to apply a good layer of Vaseline and warning ointment – we expect water temperature around 10 -13 ° C
  • Advice of our Czech Ironman PRO Petra Vabroušek – “Put regular socks on your feet, then put them in a plastic bag, and only after that put neoprene socks on.
  • We also recommend earplugs – cold water in the ears can cause sudden nausea and a feeling of imbalance
  • It is recommended before jumping into the water to pour cold water under your wetsuit to get used to the cold and prevent shock
  • After jumping from the boat – it is recommended not to panick and stay calm in the first few minutes and get used to the cold and dark!
  • Swimming in a river current is very specific – you can feel swirl water and countercurrent.
  • Beware of large river buoys!!!, which determine the appropriate direction – all river buoys will be illuminated
  • The river current runs at about 4-6 km/hrs – if you stop, you will still diminish the distance, so feel free to relax
  • When feeling cramps or hypothermia, make a few strokes aside to the river bank, where it is easy to reach the bottom and stand up, the depth is small at the banks
  • In case of an emergency, make a few strokes aside, so that you can stand, use a whistle – it is a sign for kayak or rescue boat to arrive
  • We recommend your support to take a plastic basin and hot water from a thermos and a camping chair to T1, you will appreciate it when you finish your swim quite chilled. There will not be any chairs available in T1.
  • We recommend that you take your swimming goggles with clear glasses if you have dark ones they will not help too much in the darkness



  • Have everything as ready as possible in T1. You will be chilled after the swimming and it would be hard to change up and focus, and find the right layer to wear on the bike course
  • There will be TOI-TOI Toilettes in T1
  • Do not forget to take warm clothes for first 2 hours of the bike course, it may happen that the temperature will around 0°C
  • The first hour of your bike course will be dark, it is obligatory to wear a reflective vest until 8am
  • It is compulsory to have a front and rear lights on bike. In case of reduced visibility lights must be on all the time.
  • We recommend to have a good front light on your bike, it will be dark during the first hour
  • Your Support team should have several sets of clothes for you. So that you can change in case of rain or cold.
  • Please be aware of drinking regime, you may not have a feeling of thirst in the cold
  • Beware of slippery roads, especially in the morning and in the shadow the road may be icy!
  • Beware of morning fog along the Elbe – keep the lights on, until dawn
  • There are several “road work“ on the bike course, there is always sign or assistence. All details will be presented during race briefing.



  • Have everything as ready as possible in T2. You will be tired after the bike course and it would be hard to change up and focus, and find the right layer to wear on run course
  • Your Support team must have the following things ready – flashing light to put on thtiathlete´s right arm and a headlamp. Both to be used during fog, darkness and it is mandatory after 17:00 / we suppose only TOP 3-5 triathletes will finish before 17:00/
  • There are nice, clean and calm toilettes in T2 in Resort Malevil, or TOI TOI J
  • In T2 we will welcome you not only with warm and open arms, but also hot broth
  • Please be aware of drinking regime, you may not have a feeling of thirst in the cold
  • SAFETY CHECK – POINT on 32ndKM in Janův Důl municipality. Every triathlete will be checked weather he/she wears flashing light and a headlamp, here. This point is also a CUT – OFF TIME – 10:00pm. Athletes, who do not reach this place till 10:00pm, will be asked to give up the race.
  • Support may accompany their athlete on foot or on bike during the run leg, but same safety rules are applied for him/her – ie. a flashing light to put on the right arm and a headlamp. Both to be used during a fog, darkness and twilight after 5pm. If your Support decides to run with you for the whole course you need to have a backpack with warm jacket, hat, gloves, drink, power gel. Your Support needs to have a mobile phone with him. Support Bike needs to have a reflective vest.
  • There are several offroad – trial/ NO SUPPORT /sections at the beginning of the run, where your triathlete cannot be followed by a car. On the first 11km there are 4 offroad sections. The map shows recommended parking lots, where you can provide support to your triathlete.