Here are some most frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT us any time.

When is WINTERMAN Xtreme Triathlon?
Second week in OCTOBER, Sunday, Start 5.30 a.m.

How can I sign up for WINTERMAN?
For registration you will need to enroll, by filling „registration form“.

When can I enroll for the WINTERMAN?
The enrollment is always opened one month after the race, it means second week in November, the same date as was the start.

What for do I need the Support Team?
It is absolutely necessary to have a support with you when taking part in WINTERMAN race. There are no aid stations, no support in the transition zones and the whole race takes place in a real nature with several extremes etc. icy cold water and total dark. You can also expect surprises like rain, wind, icy and slipy roads etc. To get an idea, watch the WINTERMAN film and read the WINTERMAN Manual.

Can I change my support team?
Yes. Please send us an email to winterman@czxtri.com with the details of your new support: name, address, email and phone number of the support.

Can I have more than one support?
You can have more than one support persons, but only one support car is allowed! The person who enters the transition zones should be wearing the identification wristband. Nevertheless, you have registered only one support person and this person is responsible for your support.  Also the registered mobile phone must be available for the WINTERMAN crew during the whole day to get in contact with your support crew!

Can I support my athlete from the bike during the race?
During the swim and bike leg NO, you cannot.
But when he/she is on the run course….Yes, you can support him/her from the bike or you can follow your athlete by running beside. If you decide to accompany your athlete by bike during the run be aware that there are several parts with gravel or pure quality road. A mountainbike is therefore more suitable.

What is the real distance of the swim leg? Sometimes you mention 3,8km sometimes 8,9km?
So what is the true?

Winterman swim is the extreme DOWN-STREAM river swim.
The real distance is calulated according to actual water flow and water current speed.
Be ready for icy cold water and total dark swim of almost 9km / which is according to long therm statistics the equivalent of 3,8km swim in the flat water!