WINTERMAN  XTREME TRIATHLON is the ultimate experience
It is a unique celebration of trust and relation between the athlete and his/her closest supports.
You will share every second of your race with your family, support partners, best friends…
and you can be sure that Witnerman will drag them into a real TRIATLON

Our gol was to create a real ultimate triathlon experience with pure basic elements of this sport
with tight alliance of your closest ones.

We wanted to set up the legend, which will be always associated with extreme human performance,
pure idea and real friendship.

That is the reason why we always will keep the small number of athletes on the starting list,
that is why we`ll always put the huge effort to create a home friendly atmosphere during the whole event,
that is why the emotions during this event are so high and last so long…

Your support team is absolutely necessary for the race.
Beeing a support team is very demanding, tiring and responsible job….
But at the end ….. you will know everything about triatlon
you will understand why your athlete spends neverending hours of training elsewhere.

And after all…
during the WINTERMAN you’ll build much closer relationship with your athlete than ever before….


If you are planning to be a support team to the athlete,
read very carrefuly the following section –  SUPPORT TEAM INFO