Winterman NATURE

Winterman literally cut through the fairytales landscape in the North-West boarder of the Czech Republic and German Saxony.
The biggest Central European river Labe creates a deep Sandstone valley and lot’s of imazing rock formations which pass on your bike than you slowly descend down to the romantic Lusatian mountains where from you`ll start to notice the iconic peak of Jested.

But Winterman starts on the swim.

Swim is brutal and you`ll not see many things.
It`s worthless to express the feelings from down stream swimming in icy cold water when passing the big river buoy…

Nevertheless the last 1km of the swim will open the view of two light up rock castles upon the final swim.
The exit it`s self is lighted up by open fire right on the edge of the water.
This picture together with two castles and old bridge will beat you down.

You will bike directly through the heart of the National Park Czech Switzerland.
The distance from the second biggest famous rock arche as the crow flies is 300 hundreds meters. Than you`ll ride over the scenic Lussatian Mountains to the beautiful resort Malevil – T2.
From this point you`ll run to the top of the iconic peak Jested (1012m).
The whole course is placed in the beautiful landscape and breathtaking natural scenery.

This area is actually famous for its World class free climbing with almost 200 years of climbing history.

You and your supports will run through the heart of this unique nature, you will see fantastic views, lot’s of rocks, forests and hills.

The finish is absolutely stunning, the view from the top of the Jested will feed your emotions over the limit.