The 99% of the course is tarmac.
The last 10km is extremly steep climb.
The finish – peak Jested 1012m.
Mandatory head light.

From the T2 at the resort Malevil you’ll follow the signs.
The finish point the iconic peak of Jested is visible almost from all of the run part even at night.
The 99% of the course is tarmac but on the first 7km there are 2 short parts leading you on the soft surface.
All for the reason of your safety and avoidance the high traffic.
The last 10km is extremly steep climb to the finish….
the highest point of the Winterman peak Jested 1012m above the Sea level.
Finish point is possible to approach by a car.There will be a medical check point at the 30km.
There is the time check point at 6pm
since that time every athlete must weare a front head lamp and rear reflexing bar given by organizer.
Those two items are mandatory.